Saturday, April 30, 2011

News Flash

Let's of the last fourteen months: the Spurger Pirates went to state last year. Dad passed away 10 Apr 2010 and Milton, Megan, and I went to New York for his funeral. April 14th of this year was two years that Ashlei has been gone. Heber and Angel got married in Key West on 5 May 2010 and we acquird two more grandkids - James and Aubrey! Those are the HIGH highlights!

Wow! Has It Really Been That Long???

Wow! Has it really been that long??? It has really been fourteen months since I've written on my blog. goal is to get regular again. The main reason...first - General Conference. The internet is a great tool to share our beliefs and our testimonies. I'm going to use it. Second - I was reading Emelie's blog this morning. She is such a talented writer and she is so much fun to read. It reminded me of how much I love to write. I am!

Last night I was at a slumber party with Emelie and Megan at Emelie's house! Just a night out with two of my girls. We had fun! We watched movies, ate pizza, chips and dips, and various other unhealthy food stuffs! Then today we just sat around talking or doing what ever on the computers - each of us had our own laptop there! I didn't even come home until about three o'clock this afternoon. Very relaxing day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


A great event is our family this year has been Heber meeting Angel. She moved in next door to him, and has been a great blessing to him and to us! She truly is an Angel!

Time Flies When You're Not Looking!

Wow! I had no idea it had been three and a half months since I had posted anything on my blog. I've made that one of my goals this year: to post regularly - not only to keep in touch, but to keep a jounal/personal history.

These past months have been filled with work, work, work,, high school basketball, grandkids (the funnest by far!), oh - and work!

I quit my job with Texas home health at the beginning of December and went to work for a nursing home in Woodville. I worked a total of seven days...wrong place for me. I went back to Texas Home Health but in a different position. I had been a Provider Supervisor and now I am a nurse again! I used to work for the state and now I work on the skilled side. I LOVE it even though I have to actually work now!

Our varsity basketball team, of which Jarom is a part, won district this year! Last Saturday night they had the opportunity to play a warm up game at the Montagne Center at Lamar University! Jarom LOVED it! We won that game too: 70 to 44! We play this Friday night somewhere on the other side of Houston - this is the play-off game...we're on the road to state!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Blog Thing Continues

Sarah told me she tagged me in this blog thing, but I've gotten really bad about keeping my blog up. Well, here I am and here goes:

1) I STILL, even at this point in my life, have issues that stem from being a foster kid, and from coming from the family that I originally came from.

2) I've been in Texas for twenty-seven years and I have only gone home a handful of times. I blame it on Milton, but most of the times I could have gone home I made the choice not to go.

3) Since Ashlei's death I have struggled with my testimony. A lot of things I have always believed and knew, and kind of took for granted - I'm just sure anymore. I've been running on faith these past seven months. I really want to KNOW again.

4) One of my pet peeves is to have both sides of the sink piled with stuff. We have a rule here by golly - keep one side of the sink clear!

5) I want to write a novel (well, not just one) and be a best seller.

6) I want to be a Nurse Practioner (no, not a doctor) I'll work with Sarah!

7) I have a goal to get to my ideal weight by the time I'm fifty. (I have three years and five weeks!) Then I want to do the P90X and be a HOT momma!

8) I feel that I have no control over my own life. I don't run anything - it all runs me. My finances, my weight, my kids, the house I live in, still being in kids tell me to take control and make a change, but I feel powerless.

9) I have NO friends (my kids excuded). I really don't. I even pray and ask Heavenly Father for a friend - pretty sad, huh? To clarify - I mean a friend to talk to every day - about anything, a friend that I go do things with, a friend that makes as much of an effort to be my friend as I do to be their friend. To be fair - a lot of the blame is my own.

10) I have always wanted to play the violin. I still do, and one of these days I will pursue that goal!

This was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. I really thought about it and hope I surprise some people - I tried to dig deep.

Oh yeah - list ten things and then tag seven people.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pine Hill

I'm in Bellville at Pine Hill Stable with Megan this weekend. Emelie and Megan's friend Chanice are here too. Megan is in her first Eventing competition. There are three "tests" in Eventing: Cross Country Jumping, Stadium Jumping, and Dressage. Megan is riding Kamo - short for Kamokazi Ed! He's about twenty-three and has been doing this for a long time. They take good care of each other!
Last night she ended up "schooling" on the cross country jumps. That was interesting. I have a few really good shots and will get them uploaded when I get home to my own computer. Today will be competition in Dressage and Stadium jumping.
We are actually staying in Sealy which is about fifteen minutes from Bellview. It's really a nice little town just northwest of Houston. I love this part of Texas - near Navasota and Brenham. There's a lot of history here - I love that! All these little towns are so neat because they're very old and still have that part of town, and then you come to the new and developed part of town with Wal-Mart and countless restaurants and fast food! It's an interesting combination.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Down - One To Go!

I went with Emelie on Monday (20th) to her consult with the surgeon and poof! Her gallbladder surgery was scheduled for Wednesday morning. Dr. Runyon is the doctor - he's awesome - you gotta love him! She came through wonderfully though a little sore and painful. Yahoo for Lortab! She said the most awesome thing was waking up with no nausea and actually feeling hungry.
Sarah has her appointment next Tuesday. I hope they'll do her surgery soon; she is in so much pain every day now. She between a rock and a hard place cuz if she eats she's in pain and if she doesn't her blood sugar bottoms out.
I remember those days. I was thirty when I had mine out. It seems gallbladder patients are younger and younger - a tribute to fast food and unhealthy eating.